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CrossFit 1808 Group CrossFit Class


Where hard work and fun join forces. Our group CrossFit classes are lead by our expert coaches who always ensure you get the most effective workout by adjusting each day to meet you where you’re at.

CrossFit 1808 Squat

Personal Training

Speed to results. Whether you’re looking to improve strength and endurance for day-to-day activities like pickleball or you’re looking to keep up your kids or the demands and stress of your career, personal training is the most individualized and flexible approach to fitness. This is ideal for anyone who hasn’t exercised in a while or finds working out in large groups to be intimidating.

CrossFit 1808 Woman Resting Between Sets

Semi-Private Training

Speed to results in a small group of like-minded indivuals. Semi-private training keeps the individualized approach of one-on-one personal training but brings it to a small group setting of 2-4 people. This is a great option for your budget while keeping it personal to you!

CrossFit 1808 Chopping Vegetables


Nutrition is the foundation of overall health. Work one-on-one with one of our Coaches to find a balance with your nutrition and start getting the results you want.


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